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Mokume Gane Engagement Rings

Our designer creates unique mokume gane engagement rings, diamond engagement rings for unique occasion. All our engagement rings are handcrafted by our award winner designer using only diamonds under GIA standards. The engagement and designer wedding rings on this page also are used for many clients as a diamond fashion rings, because of their uniqueness and exclusivity.


Mokume Gane Wedding Rings

Exclusive designer mokume gane wedding rings and wedding bands. Unique wedding rings for unique occasions. Most of those designer wedding bands and rings are perfect as men’s rings and women’s rings to be used as a fashion ring or band. Labro, the designer of mokume gane wedding rings and bands creates each wedding ring in many different combinations, creating multicolored gold rings with a natural wood eye pattern looking. Designer weeding rings where you can see the luxury on the details.


Fine Jewelry Mokume Gane

Unmatched designer mokume gane fine jewelry and wedding rings, handcrafted and designed by Labro team. Fine wedding rings and jewelry with top Australian opal, excellent cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other great gemstones like paraiba, spinel and demantoid. A new concept of fine jewelry based on design and craftsmanship, to create one of a kind piece of jewelry.

What is Labro?

Home of the most fabulous jewels in the world. Labro, produces only high end jewelry. Each piece is individually handmade by our master craftsmen in our studio, using only the best goods to guarantee a unique master piece.

Mokume Gane is the ancient Japanese samurai sword making technique, that we use in precious metals like gold and platinum to produce our jewelry.


What is Design?

Labro style, joins is elegance and ageless modernity. Labro contemporary designs enhance the drama of a stone, allowing its natural radiance to shine supreme.

Stylized restraint is Labro hallmark. Labro jewels are hand-made by highly-skilled craftsmen working meticulously to create unique jeweled works of art.


Mokume Gane Rings Materials and Procedures

At Labro, we make all the process of craftsmanship and design, in our own studio. In order to create those unique wedding rings and bands our team is integrated by master goldsmiths, stone setters, gemologists, gemstone cutters and diamond graders to assure a vertical approach to our exigent clientele, who wants the best mokume gane rings from Japan.

Japanese mokume gane, truly Made in Japan
In our times only few artisans mastered the mokume technique and keep following the original Japanese process of mokume gane. We are proud to follow the direct line and create our pieces also in Japan, where the technique was originated. Labro creates mokume gane combining the traditional and the modern, into unique rings with a distinct style.


Mokume Gane

At Labro we create timeless modern mokume gane rings totally handcrafted. Only a wedding ring individually conceived for the occasion with the highest craftsmanship skills and being one-of-a-kind, where none-two are equals can represent tribute and show distinction to the union of two.

Our engagement rings, wedding rings or wedding bands become the symbol of love, union and strength for the ones who decide to walk the path of life together. We join the traditional samurai sword secrets with modern and harmonious patterns representing the two of you bonded in one.

You can see through our mokume collection and you will be able to appreciate our years of training under the best masters, from Europe and also Japan where the mokume-gane technique comes from. Our mokume gane rings or sometimes called “wood grain rings” show the unique unmatched style of Labro, where the colors of the different precious metals and the patterns flow all around the ring.
Looking at Labro mokume patterns, you will appreciate that each Labro mokume gane ring it shows an organic, balanced and extraordinary pattern. We create wearable art handcrafted in Japan, timeless treasures for your future generations.


In this section you will be able to see mokume gane videos, wedding rings and bands 360 degrees real image..


Absolutely Amazing!!

“Hello Labro, Exciting news! I received the rings and they are AMAZING. I must have spent a whole 20 minutes just admiring the craftsmanship. Thank you very, very much. My fiancee is going to love them! Best Regards” – Dustin


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